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Explore The Walker ADVANTAGE

The Walker Advantage - Productivity


The Walker is fast and efficient, saving you time and money on the job.

The Walker Advantage - Beautiful Cut


From the very beginning, The Walker was designed to cut grass beautifully.

The Walker Advantage - Versatility


With a wide variety of attachments, the Walker can help in any season.

The Walker Advantage - Easy


Five ways the Walker Mower makes lawn and property maintenance easy.

From the very beginning, Walker Mowers have been different from other lawn mowers. Our family was frustrated with the challenges we were having in mowing our own lawns quickly, easily, and with satisfying results. There was no riding mower available to mow the way we wanted, so we designed and built our own."

By Bob Walker, Chairman of Walker Manufacturing


Walker Model

Model T

The Model T is the standard for what commercial operators expect from a mower. Intended for commercial use, every aspect of the Model T has been designed to meet the most demanding expectations of operators who want fast and easy mowing with beautiful results. It is the go-to Walker for commercial operations.

  • 10 bushel grass catcher
  • 23 or 26.5hp engine options
  • Deck options: 7 collection, 5 mulching, 8 discharge
  • Eaton Model 7 transmission with ductile cast-iron gearbox final drive
  • Oscillating PowerFil chute with Grass-Pak full signal
  • Popular Add-ons: Hi-Dump grass catcher system, Power Dump, LED headlights, dethatcher, implement hitch with electric ram lift, dozer blade, Spyker spreader

Walker Model C

Model C

The Model C is the original Walker commercial lawn mower. Since its introduction in 1986, the Model C has been continually refined and improved with the commercial operator in mind, especially those who maintain residential properties. The Model C is a compact and versatile mower with impressive productivity.

  • 7-bushel grass catcher (optional 10-bushel available)
  • 19hp Kohler engine options
  • Deck options: 6-7 collection, 4 mulching, 7 discharge
  • Eaton Model 7 transmission with ductile cast-iron gearbox final drive
  • Oscillating PowerFil chute with Grass-Pak full signal
  • Well-balanced for superior hillside stability
  • Popular Add-ons: LED headlights, dethatcher, operator soft cab, implement hitch with electric ram lift, dozer blade, Power Dump, comfort seat
Walker Model S

Model S

The Model S is simple, easy to operate, and very efficient at mowing residential properties. With Walker's Grass Handling System, a patented Blower Shaft PTO design, and reduced weight and cost, the Model S is the perfect entry-level mower for experiencing Walker's signature beautiful cut and zero-turn productivity.

  • 7-bushel grass catcher
  • 18hp engine
  • Deck options: 5 collection, 4 mulching, 5 discharge
  • Hydro-Gear ZT-3100 transmission
  • Popular Add-ons: Power Dump, LED headlights, adjustable footrests, dethatcher, dozer blade, Spyker spreader, comfort seat with optional armrests
Walker Model H

Model H

The Walker Model H stands alone in its class for high production mowing and improved return on investment. When fast, beautiful results are demanded on vastly different properties, turf types, and conditions, the Model H delivers for the most discerning operators. A variety of attachments and add-ons keep the Model H productive year-round with excellent results.

  • 23.7, 26.5 or 37hp engine options
  • Deck options: 2 mulching, 8 discharge
  • Grammer 4-way adjustable suspension seat
  • Hydro-Gear ZT-3400 transmission
  • 3 Model H-specific mowing decks with integrated deck height adjuster and adjustable foot rest
  • 9.4-gallon fuel capacity
  • Popular Add-ons: Power Tilt-Up deck lift, operator hard cab, LED headlights, implement hitch with electric ram lift, rotary broom, dozer blade

Walker Model B

Model B

The Model B is compact and fast. It is a Walker Mower designed to run side discharge and mulch decks on difficult properties with hills, uneven terrain, and obstacles, all while leaving a beautiful cut. The Model B is configurable and versatile to meet any professional's expectations.

  • 22.5 or 26.5hp engine options
  • Deck options: 5 mulching, 7 discharge
  • Hydro-Gear ZT-3100 transmission
  • Up to 8 mph ground speeds
  • Popular Add-ons: utility bed, LED headlights, suspension seat, big tire kit, tow hitch, dethatcher, dozer blade, Spyker spreader, implement hitch, loader bucket
Walker Model R

Model R

The Model R is the perfect Walker Mower for residential properties. The belt-drive mower blades make operation smooth and quiet without compromising on the Walker Mower's distinct advantages. The Model R provides a premium Walker experience so you can bring home fast, easy, beautiful mowing.

  • 21hp engine option
  • 42, 48, or 54" cutting decks
  • Hydro-Gear EZT transmission
  • Popular Add-ons: comfort seat, tow hitch, mulching kit, LED light kit


Let the Walker Mower make you profitable year-round with Add-on Implements and Attachments. Not all implements and attachments fit all Walker Models. 





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Boom Sprayer


Dozer Blade


Rotary Broom


Loader Bucket


Debris Blower


Walker featured on manufacturing marvels

Walker Manufacturing was featured on a 2-minute segment of Manufacturing Marvels on Fox Business Channel on Tuesday, February 7, 2017.