On-Line Orders

  • On-line orders carry the least chance of error and may be placed before, during, and after normal business hours.
  • Orders placed by 3:00 pm EST will be shipped the same day, subject to stock availability and/or credit approval.

Faxed-In and Called-In Orders

  • Orders received before 2:00 pm EST, excluding description orders, are processed the same day, subject to stock availability and/or credit approval.
  • Orders received after 2:00 pm EST, excluding description orders, are included for processing the same day, only if time permits us to meet the pick-up schedules of our outbound carriers.
  • Orders received after 4:00 pm EST will ship the next day.
  • Orders placed by description are processed as time permits - the expected delay in shipping these orders is determined by the volume of all other types of orders; however, a 48-hour delay is considered reasonable.
    • OED is not responsible for the accuracy of items ordered by description.
  • OED provides helpful links to give OED Dealers access to parts breakdowns, owner's manuals, and service information to ensure all dealers have the availability and access to all required information to look up parts.
  • Customer pick up orders require a minimum of one (1) hour lead time for processing.
    • Orders to be picked up prior to 9:00 am EST need to be placed by 3:00 pm EST the prior day.
    • Orders should be picked up within 48 hours of the scheduled time or the order will ship according to applicable freight terms.

Order Consolidation

  • Due to the efficiency of our real-time Warehouse Management System and our multiple pick-up times with outbound carriers, we are unable to consolidate additional orders with previously placed orders during a given day.
  • Consolidation of your ordering process eliminates additional charges and may allow you to take advantage of our prepaid freight terms.

Minimum Order

  • Each order is subject to a minimum billing charge of $30.00 (dealer cost prior to freight charges).
  • If an order is less than $30, a minimum billing charge (order) is generated.