Accounts Receivable

  • All invoices are payable on the 10th of the month, in accordance with the dealer's Acceptance of Terms for each product line program.
    • Payments received after the 10th are subject to a loss of discounts and a finance charge for the number of days past due.
    • Floor plan is due under the guidelines of the product plan number or when sold - whichever comes first.
  • Dealer agrees to pay on the 10th of the month for all units sold prior to the due date(s).
  • Statement cut-off is the 25th of the month; finance charges are calculated from the 10th of the month on past due invoices.
    • If the 25th falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the cut-off will be the Friday before.
    • If the 25th falls on a holiday, the cut-off will be the last working day scheduled by OED.
  • Invoices for $100 or less for merchandise that qualifies for installment payments are subject to be billed with a single due date.
  • Available discounts and/or allowances may be utilized if your payment is received at OED by the 10th of the month.
  • Credit memos should be utilized within the current statement cycle.

Online Bill Pay

  • Payments may be made anytime on our website.
    • Online Bill Pay is a real time balance of your account and is available 24/7.
      • It is the quickest and most cost-effective way to manage your account.
  • You have two options for payment:
    • Credit card payments incur a 3% convenience fee.
    • E-Check payments incur no fee.

Past Due Accounts

  • Past due accounts do not qualify for free freight and orders are subject to being held until payment is made.
    • 30 days past due: 
      • Dealer will be notified that their account is past due.
      • The past due amount will start accruing interest at this point.
      • No Prepaid Freight will be honored until the account is current.
    • 60 days past due:
      • Dealer's account will be placed on a DO NOT SHIP status.
      • The account needs to be made current to resume shipments.
    • 90 days past due:
      • Dealer will be locked out of the system and instructed to contact their Territory Manager.
      • No orders can be entered or shipped until the account is current.