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OED Launches New Website

The new year always brings excitement of new things to come. Starting in June 2019, OED is extremely excited to launch its new website - a "one stop shop" site that will make doing business with OED even easier.

The new site combines our old static site, on-line order site and on-line bill pay site into one - only one password to remember and EVERYTHING is at your fingertips.

New features include:

  • Ability to narrow your product category searches with helpful suggestions to target exactly what you need - 18" vs. 20" bar size; handheld vs. backpack blowers; stand-on, riding vs. walk-behind mowers
  • Ability for OED's Customer Service Dept. to assist you in adding an item to your cart while you're on the phone together
  • Access to dealer programs, price lists and other marketing materials for the product lines you carry without needing to remember any additional passwords (Yes, we're VERY happy about this too!)
  • Pop up screens to let you know when a dealer program has been updated, service school dates have been announced or a new product has been launched

OED would like to thank the team at Aldrich Solutions for providing an excellent on-line ordering platform. OED team members Paul Gillis, Inventory Control Manager, and Lori White, Advertising Manager, were also essential in making this site the best it can be.

Our site will continue to evolve over time as new things are added. While we can't promise to have all the different features you may want in a site, we will do our utmost to accommodate everyone's requests as best we can.